Life in Balance Wellness Center

Hours of Operation: Seven days a week by appointment only. Please call 480-522-1041 or visit to book your appointment.

Our onsite Spa, Life in Balance Wellness Center offers a relaxing setting and a top notch team of professionals to take care of your beauty, relaxation, stress reduction and health needs. Our well trained, caring staff will indulge you with premium treatments including massage therapy, aesthetics skin care, life coaching, acupuncture, plus a wide range of body therapies designed to balance your mind body and soul. The Wellness Center also features a nail salon for your natural Manicure and Pedicure needs. We invite you to pamper yourself and escape reality for an hour or the entire day insuring you leave from your vacation completely relaxed and refreshed. The quality of treatment keeps our guests returning time and time again.

The spa features the magic ten Spa Casitas some with fireplaces, appropriately named with Native American Indian names that express the energy of wishes, wellness and bright futures. As you enter, you immediately feel the calm and every sense becomes relaxed as you inhale the scents of aromatherapy in the air. Each casita is different and has a unique energy complimented with holistic décor, candles, and many featuring a gas fireplace. There may be a hidden meaning to the color, art work, music or location of your spa suite, but know that every guest is in the right spa suite for them at that moment so relax and look within to discover more about yourself.

Zen is an aromatherapy relaxation room with oversize chairs, it beckons you to come home to the present moment; this is truly where we live. Thinking verbally takes us far into the past, or into the distant future. Both past and future are fantasies, since the future isn’t known and our memories of the past are often quite distorted accounts of what really happened. Zen exhorts one to “Come to your senses!”, for when we get lost in thoughts of the past or future, life passes us by. When one mindfully dwells in the present moment, one completely dissolves into whatever activity manifests. One becomes the activity. Most people have had peak experiences, which all involve being so totally involved with life that one’s sense of separateness dissolves into the experience. After or between your services we invite you to become very Zen.

We feature spa music from around the world. You will enjoy the sounds of native drums, Japanese flutes, Celtic music, Hawaiian music, Caribbean steel drums, Buddhist chants, singing whales all intertwined with jazz, opera, classics and other diverse relaxing music from around the world.

Outside, spend the day enjoying the beautiful settings, or just relax poolside after your services. A great place to getaway for the day with a loved one, girlfriends, parent or just to escape by yourself.

The interior of the spa casita is a fusion of healing heritage, honoring those that developed the basis of the spa’s healing properties. The décor pays tribute to:

  • The Native American Indian who protects the peaceful environment of the spa, cleansing the air with sage and sweet grass.
  • The Asian inspired Feng Shui design an endless circle of energy that flows throughout.
  • The Indian inspired Ganesha also greets you in the Zen Aromatherapy room. He reminds us of the value of what we learn with Ayurveda and sends us success in all we want to achieve.
  • A healing, meditative Buddha in the nail salon wishes you enlightenment.
  • Trees of Life fill the space throughout. From the real trees and cactus outside which bring cheerful singing birds, to the many indoor depictions of the Tree of Life and cherry blossoms which alludes to the interconnection of all life on the planet.

Hours of Operation: Seven days a week by appointment only. Please call 480-522-1041 or visit to book your appointment.

Complete your stay at the Inn at Eagle Mountain with an unforgettable and affordable spa experience at The Life in Balance Wellness Center. Take advantage of our Relaxing Spa package when you book your stay at the Inn which allows you to experience the spa at the best value.

Are you having a Group or Wedding Event at the Inn? Our spa coordinator specializes in creating the perfect spa gathering to compliment your stay.

Following is a sampling of our spa service offerings; please visit for a complete listing, Full details of each service and pricing for 60/90 minutes:

  • PERSCENTOELOGY – Unique to Life in Balance Wellness Center and the Inn, you can balance your life and change the future while learning the stories your body is telling about you and the views of your subconscious mind. $248 1hour 45 minutes
  • SALT RIVER STONE –Started in Arizona, this hot stone massage simply melts stress away. Warm stones and long flowing strokes are combined to ease tension and helps tight muscles release. $109/$149
  • ESSENCE - Aromatherapy Massage – the perfect union of the gentle touch of massage with the healing effects of aromatic oils. $109/$149
  • SOLE RELIEF - Reflexology Foot Massage – Improves circulation and restores equilibrium by stimulating the body’s own healing processes through working the organs and parts of the body through the wisdom of the feet. $119
  • GEMSTONES – Each of these signature treatments feature one of four gemstones to assist you with different aspects of your life. Select from: Amethyst for life changes; Citrine for mood elevation and relaxation; Emerald for life balancing and healing and Turquoise for peace and calm. $119/$159
  • TIMELESS - This wonderful vinotherapy full body mask is filled with the anti-oxidants of vitamin C, green tea and grape seed extracts which help to neutralize free radicals, leaving your skin looking and feeling youthful. $119 / $149
  • DETOX - Experience the pleasure of your own personal infrared sauna that penetrates the infrared heat and full body seaweed wrap. The seaweed in this treatment is rich in calcium and magnesium and contain iodine to stimulate your metabolism and helps to eliminate excess fluids. $119
  • DAZZLE – Experience Arizona’s own Dazzle Dry nail polish for your manicure and pedicure. Eco-chic, Vegan nail care and color. Get glam and fabulously groomed nails without the offending ingredients. Dries rock hard in 5 minutes and lasts for 2 weeks. $40/$60
  • BUFF – Facial and Body waxing gets you bikini ready starts at $30
  • GLAM – Enhance your eyes with lash and brow tinting Starts at $25

We welcome you with open arms, warm hearts, respect, integrity and love. We honor our policies, procedures and respect you and the time you dedicate to us. We desire that we treat each other as we want to be treated, knowing that in the infinite wisdom of the universe that we see in other that which we deny in our self, and we admire that which we want to develop in ourselves.

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